Tools on HostGator vs Bluehost which Gives Clients Other Web Hosting Companies

Web hosting providers, like BlueHost, give clients dozens of additional services at no cost. One reason why so many small business owners and business insiders advocate BlueHost is because of all of the extras that you get when you use BlueHost.

It is true that web hosting companies do provide the same basic provider, web site hosting, but the extra services that web hosting companies provide vary widely from company to company. Some web hosting companies offer practically no additional services, or cause you to pay for extra services.web host

Here are just a few of the solutions that BlueHost provides to clients that other Web hosting companies do not:

  1. Image galleries – Rather than using an external image hosting site to place photos on your own Web site, you may use the image galleries that BlueHost provides to incorporate galleries to your Web page without sending your visitors to an external website.

Maintaining your photos in picture galleries hosted on your BlueHost website will also help protect them from being stolen and used throughout the internet without your permission.

  1. Multi-media tools – Want to use flash animations, Shockwave, Real Audio, or Midi in your Site No problem if you are using BlueHost. BlueHost is among only a small number of low cost web hosts that may support cutting edge multi-media software
  2. Mailing lists – Mailing lists are a great way to promote HostGator vs Bluehost to your target niche and be sure your promotional dollars are not wasted on advertising that does not work. Mailing lists are the perfect way to develop a good customer base.

However, generating mailing lists can be perplexing and keeping them can be a pain, unless you are using BlueHost as your hosting company. BlueHost gives customers an easy to use tool which makes creating and managing mailing lists a snap.

  1. Poll and survey software – Using polls and surveys and Other interactive tools are a really intelligent way to keep people coming back to your site. They are also perfect for collecting customer data. You can preview new products and receive customer’s opinions of the goods by hosting a survey.
  2. Help and Support Ticket System – When clients are having problems with an order or having problems using your web site they wish to be able to get a hold of you without any problems or flaws. BlueHost can help you make that happen by providing users a free help ticketing system so that clients can submit a form directly to you determining exactly what their result.
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